Waxing with professionals

Waxing with professionals

Gentle and long-term waxing

Removing of irritating hairs, so called waxing, from intimate and other body parts, was common even in ancient Egypt, so it's not a trend that came to be during the previous century, as many people think. However in the mid-20th century, the Wilkinson Sword company started a campaign focused on personal hygiene. Presently there are lots of ways how to get rid of irritating body hair, so you don't have to be afraid of painful and short-term effects. And like visiting a hairdresser, a beautician, or a manicurist, today you can also visit waxing studios. And it is Sweet Epil in the center of Prague that is exclusive, professional, and offering hair removal by a unique method, by which it is also named.

The Sweet Epil waxing method is not invasive

The Sweet Epil method uses a purely natural sugar paste with extracts from aloe vera. The paste doesn't contain allergens and is not as invasive or hot as for example wax, so it can be used for hair removal in sensitive and intimate areas. Smooth skin lasts up to 6 weeks.

Brazilian salsa dancers also use the sugar paste waxing

This tipe of sugar paste waxing originates from Brazil where the local female salsa dancers that spend most of the years in swimsuits and miniskirts began to practice it, which is why it's called Brazilian waxing. However men can undergo it too.

At home, or in the studio?

Waxing in the Sweet Epil studio is much more pleasant than in the amateur home conditions. And because only highly and specially trained nurses will take care of you, you really have nothing to worry about.

And what else does our studio offer? In addition to the complete hair removal from any part of your body, you can also right here in our studio buy oils and scrubs for regeneration and skin hydration, pick your own treatment package tailored just for you, or please your partner with a gift voucher.

If you want to first non bindingly try our method, you can do so for free. Simply phone in till the end of October for a special event, that is open to ladies (groin) as well as gentlemen (armpits).

If you plan to visit us more frequently, you can use our season passes. Frequent are also discount events and special offers. Simply follow our website (and our page on Facebook), and visit us at Nové město in Prague 2. Our customers, including models or lifestyle magazine reporters have only the best experiences with our studio.

Professional Epil-ladies

Our professional Epil-ladies with medical background are trained to a waxing specialists and are creating an environment that is quiet, calming and individualized.

Studio Sweet Epil is here for everyone, regardless sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation for whom is smooth skin without hair the integral part of personal hygiene.

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