Sweet Epil sugaring method

Sweet Epil sugaring method

The paste

Sweet Epil paste is based on unique combination of sugar paste softness and regeneration effect of  Aloe Vera. Since it is applied at body temperature your skin will not burn. Sugar does not stick to live skin cells. It removes hair and dead skin cells with little or no discomfort to the skin. Sugar is more sanitary. Bacteria will not breed in sugar - No double dipping - No cross contamination.Sugared hair can be removed at a much shorter length than waxing hair. Hair length can be as short as 1/16th of an inch (which means no more unsightly grow out). 

Sugar paste  Sweet Epil  stays pliable supporting the hair and removing it cleanly with less breakage or re-growth as with waxing hair. Because the hair removal with the sugar paste  Sweet Epil  is so careful and soft it makes is ideal for the method for Brazilian waxing.

The method

The ancient art of body sugaring dates back to 1900 BC when a smooth and hairless body was the standard of beauty, youth and innocence for women in Egypt.

Sugar paste  Sweet Epil  is a natural product, made from the purest of ingredients. The sugar is designed to eliminate unwanted hair while helping maintain a healthy and youthful skin. The sugaring method removes hair in the natural direction of hair growth. This causes less irritation, pain and breakage, which leads to fewer ingrown hairs.

Hair as short as 1/16 of an inch can be removed, eliminating the need to wait for regrowth between treatments. This process is a great exfoliator for dry skin too! Sugar paste does not stick to the skin, which makes this hair removal alternative less painful and less irritating. New styles, sports and trends that require or desire smooth, hairless skin, have revived this ancient art. Sugaring is now recognized worldwide as the preferred method of hair removal.